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Download pdf papers related to recruiting and staffing

Businesses everywhere are struggling to meet their staffing needs. A strong hiring and retention strategy begins with an analysis of current needs and recruiting methods.

Among the biggest challenges businesses are dealing with is recruiting and retaining a workforce that will keep their business moving forward. What can small businesses do to overcome this challenge?

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Risk Management for Small Businesses

Businesses large and small are facing unprecedented supply disruptions, impacting even basic services and production. While there is no magic bullet, there are steps businesses can take to mitigate the issues, and help avoid future disruptions to business.


Cybersecurity: Addressing the Growing

Threat to Small Businesses

Data breaches are being reported in record numbers by small to medium sized businesses, who are seen by criminals as easy targets. Protecting your information - and that of your customers and employees - should be a top priority for all business owners.

Getting Your Business Online

The New Face of Business: ECommerce

Expand your brick-and-mortar to reach a larger audience by creating an e-commerce site. Or, start a brand new business by selling online from the comfort of home. It's never been easier - or more relevant.

Staffing and Culture

Organizational Culture - Understanding the Value

Lands' End has won many "Best Place to Work" awards. Learn how their culture is the secret to their success in this interview with 25-year veteran employee Lynette Dornink, B2B Contact Center Manager. The culture that Lands' End has had in place for 60 years is relevant for businesses of all sizes, in all industries.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management for Small Businesses

Businesses everywhere are struggling to meet demand amid a disrupted supply chain. Scott Schein, Director, National Network and Supply Chain Programs of GENEDGE Alliance provides practical suggestions to minimize the impact and prepare for the inevitable.


Cybersecurity: the Growing Threat to Small Businesses

In 2019 43% of all data breaches were on small businesses. An expert in the field of technology and data security - Dov Koplovsky, CEO of NEWCOM, a technology solutions company - discusses this growing threat.

GOOGLE Business Profile

Listing Your Business on Google

An interview with Teresa Catron, marketing specialist with Blue Ridge Crossroads Small Business Center. Teresa explains why it's important for all businesses to list their information on Google, how impactful it can be, and where to turn for assistance in the process.


The New Face of Business: E-Commerce

Customers have become more comfortable shopping online. Experts predict that by 2023 91% of Americans will be shopping online. Are you meeting your customers where they are?

Local Business Resources

Virginia's Industrial Advancement Alliance

What can Virginia's Industrial Advancement Alliance do for your business in southern VA? Jake Tabor, Business Retention and Expansion Specialist, explains the many facets of the organization's services.

Virginia Career Works

Listen to Beth Carico, Director of Workforce Development, describe the wealth of resources available to assist businesses in Virginia. You may be surprised at all the services this network can provide for your business!

Twin County Chamber

Laura Whitt, Executive Director of the Twin County Chamber explains all the benefits available through the Chamber for residents and businesses in Carroll and Grayson Counties, and the City of Galax.

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