Board Meeting Report for February 25, 2020

The Board of Directors of the Twin County Chamber of Commerce met on February 25, 2020 at Vaughan Office Suites in Galax, Virginia.

The Board of Directors of the Twin County Chamber of Commerce met on February 25, 2020 at Vaughan Office Suites in Galax, Virginia.  The meeting was well attended with representatives from three businesses in our region presenting on their products and services. Pictures from the meeting are below.

A presentation by Carter Bank & Trust was led by Kevin Carlan and Hank Testerman with fellow staff members Karon Felts, Stefany Shaw, and Theresa Hall supporting.  Carter Bank & Trust has locations in all three areas of our Chamber (Independence, Galax, and Hillsville).

Workforce Unlimited presented on their services in the Twin Counties, the presentation was led by Betsy Phillips with fellow staff members Candace Vaughn and Kayla Pell supporting. 

A presentation by our newest Chamber Member, Thomas Automation Management (TAM), of Woodlawn was made by Brad Rodriguez, Managing Director.

The evening also carried reports on our recent Chamber operations, in summary:

  • Executive Director search is continuing with our Human Resources Committee interviewing candidates on February 21 and next on February 28.  We have received multiple resumes.

  • Our Committees have been extremely busy over the past three weeks.  The Professional Network steering committee met recently with Board President Anthony Edwards and Board Vice-President Greg Pearson.  Smoke on the Mountain committee met for project management discussion.  Our ad hoc Poor Man’s Dinner Committee met for project management discussion on changes to this year’s event and timelines for mailing invitations.  The Marketing Committee is meeting soon to discuss a project for August 2020.

  • A ribbon cutting is in planning for April for a local Chamber member that has moved locations.  Announcement and more information to be distributed to Facebook in the next two weeks as final planning is completed.

  • After-hours events in planning for April and May!

  • Multiple inquiries during the week of February 17 via phone call and email about joining the Chamber. Excitement and synergy is building!

  • Financial conditions of the Chamber remain stable and increasing.  Budget approval for operations and Smoke on the Mountain due to Chamber Board of Directors on March 24, 2020.

  • Social media spotlights have created a large increase in outreach and inquiry of our Chamber.